Frequently Asked Questions

Will TRUEGolfFit work for all swings?

The TRUEGolfFit database consists of over 100,000 golf swings. We compare your swing information with our database of over 45,000 swings and 10,000,000 data points to find your TRUE Fit. It's rare, but if we don't have matching data for your swing profile the TGF fitting engine will simply not make a driver recommendation.

How can you fit me without seeing my swing?

Every golfer has a unique swing and golf clubs perform differently for different golfers. The best performing driver for your best friend might be a poor performing driver for you. So, how do you figure out which one is best for every golfer?  

Our database basically finds your human clone.Then, our Advanced Golf Analytics Engine matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing based on how these drivers performed in the largest unbiased head-to-head statistical significant driver test in the golf industry.

Will this show fitting results for older drivers from past years?

Not yet, but it will soon. 

Newer isn't always better and we plan to compare new clubs and older models to help golfers all over the world not only get the best performing clubs but also the one at the best price.

How are you able to predict how much yardage and accuracy we will gain?

We can predict how each and every driver will perform for your exact swing. Now you will know exactly how much longer and straighter your next driver will be for your game.

TrueGolfFit compares the performance of every major driver on the market by testing them head-to-head. Each driver tested is ranked based on the Strokes Gained methodology and statistical significance. We then compare your swing characteristics with the drivers that match. This tells us exactly how you can expect it to perform for your game.

What brands are tested?

All the major brands are tested. That includes, Callaway, Taylormade, PING, Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, Bridgestone, etc.

How accurate are the TRUEGolfFit Recommendations?

With golfers who share your swing profile this is exactly how the current drivers have shown to perform in testing.

Have More Questions?

We are here to help you find your TRUEFit.